As you can see, Rune and Justin collected the belongings they had shipped ahead of their arrival (including these clothes) since the time we last saw them on Page 25. They did not entrust their swords, however, to couriers. They were carrying them on their backs when they rode to Valheigh.

Rune opted to wear warrior clothes in the style of Tangene (his mother’s homeland, where he trained with weaponsmasters for the past nine years) rather than wear the traditional clothes of Valhesian nobility (i.e. the robes which the Lords are wearing on the previous page). He did this deliberately to intimidate the Lords. He is young and lacks the support of a House, so he’s created a persona for himself, one of a man in control, a man of strength, a man who should not be trifled with. Rune considers himself on stage, and he’s acting the part with his voice, his appearance, and his body language. He maintains this persona until he gets to the Royal Study and closes the door, upon which he collapses from the excruciating pain of Arklomene’s curse.

I opted to tell this scene in Redley’s POV (point of view) because it allows us to see what the Lords see. They don’t see Rune’s doubts and fears. They see a man that they can call king.