Rune is aware that their history makes no sense long before he learns he truth from Zara. People in Valheigh, however,¬†are taught from birth to believe that everything written in the Archive is completely true. So they never question it. Even when faced with the obvious self-contradiction (that the Jinn were supremely powerful and yet were inexplicably¬†defeated by ordinary people), they rationalize that the details of the defeat must have been kept secret for a reason. Unfortunately, this is fairly realistic. I’ve heard that it takes six times as much evidence to convince a person that he’s wrong than it takes to convince him of something in the first place. Or, more simply, it’s easier to fool people than to admit you’ve been fooled.

The history that Dawson relates was concocted by the people who seized power after the Jinn left. They played up the image of the Jinn as terrible and cruel. They discouraged people from going near the Wizard Wall, for fear that someone would decipher the story written upon it.